About Serpent Lane

The Journey that led me to create Serpent Lane began in 2006...
when I took a class at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor. I knew pole dancing classes were going to be fun, but I was shocked to find that spinning around a pole and circling my hips could make me feel so vibrantly charged, awake, and profoundly connected to my feminine body. Inspired by my own transformation, I became a teacher in 2007 so that I could dedicate myself to helping women generate their own juicy and connected vitality. Once a woman plugs into how great it feels to be present in her own skin, everyone will ‘want what she’s having’, whether she is in a pole class or simply walking down the aisle of a grocery store.

We all want to discover our sexy.
Sexual energy is a magnetic, creative fire that lights us up. Lingerie is a sublime way to light that flame. I’ve taught women of diverse ages, body shapes, and ethnicities, and found that every student has miraculous transformations when they explore clothing.

That’s what inspired Serpent Lane.
Adorning our bodies deepens the sacred experience and relationship we have with it. A woman can absolutely be sexy in an oversized shirt and baggy pants, but if she treats herself to silk thigh highs she will begin to notice new things to love about her legs. A woman connected to her feminine essence can stop time, just as the scent of a rose, or a stunning sunset reminds us to savor delicious moments. 

Serpent Lane is a private, safe, beautiful playground for you. 
The collection has been thoughtfully curated for women by a woman. I’ve chosen colors that delight and textures that (whether silk or vinyl, lace or fringe) promise a zing across your skin. Take a peek and find what stirs up an excited flutter in your belly. What makes your toes curl up in gleeful anticipation? Whether this is your first time exploring clothing, you have been taking pole classes for decades, or you simply love lingerie and want to add special pieces to your collection, Serpent Lane will always be an invitation to discover what makes you feel sexy.

Are your senses ignited yet?
Invite them to lead you to something new.


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