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Naughty Knickers Guide

July 20 2018 – Christina Grance

Ultimate Panty Guide


The Naughty Knickers Guide

At Serpent Lane we like to play on the riskier side of panties. Yes, a cotton thong and full coverage briefs are all good and necessary in your panty drawers, but what do you turn to when you want something a little more daring? Maybe even a little…dangerous. Sexy danger that is.  Crotchless panties are always a fun staple for a night to remember, but we’re here to tell you there is so much more out there! We’ve laid out some saucy options for you. From naughty to naughtiest we present to you our naughty knickers guide along with some of our favorite versions of each panty.


Tanga Panty
The tamest of the bunch, the tanga panty is right between a bikini brief and a thong panty. It’s a gateway panty. We joke! It's perfect for those who want more coverage than a thong, but want something a little more revealing than a bikini cut. Consider it, the more elegant version of a thong.

Sexy Tanga PantyDreamgirl Tanga Panty

Thong Panty
The thong has become such a standard in the underwear drawer that one may wonder, does it actually belong in a naughty knickers guide? Yes. Yes it does. It’s the iconic sexy panty, but just because it’s common place doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Show you're cheeky with these cheeky thongs. 

Black Keyhole ThongRed Bow Thong

G-String Panty
The truth is, the g-string should be just as much of  staple in your underwear drawer as your comfy cotton undies. The g-string is intended to help create that seamless look when donning a skintight LBD or linen trousers. Combats panty lines and perfect for date night. Take a sexy leap and instead of a thong, try out at g-string instead.  

Crotchless G String PantyGarter Thong Panty

Cage Panty
The cage panty is our personal favorite. Cage panties are designed with multiple straps to create an edgy and bold geometric look that enhance the curve of your body. Are you a two strap girl? Three straps? Four? Versatile designs and colors allow you to find the cage panty that's perfect for you. 

Blue Strappy PantyCage Bra and Panty Set


Open Back Panty
Proud of your backside? This is the panty for you.  The open back panty (or as some like to call it the buttless panty) is exactly as it sounds, a panty with cutouts to expose your bum.  Sort of like assess chaps, but with underwear. We dare you to wear it to work.

Assless PantyOpen Back Panty 

Crotchless Panty
Much like the open back panty, the crotchless panty leaves little to the imagination seeing as it’s…crotchless. What’s the point of a crotchless panty? To be naughty, to be bold, to have fun, to feel the breeze...just don’t wear them with jeans. Check out our full crotchless panty guide here.

Crotchless PantyCrotchless Underwear


The Everything Panty
This is all the panties above mixed into one…with pearls.

Crotchless Pearl Thong